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Explore the videos below to learn more about the unmet needs and treatment perspectives in major depressive disorder (MDD) and postpartum depression (PPD)


Hear from patients

Stories of living with depression

Hear from Charlotte and Alicia as they talk about their frustration when searching for the right treatment and how depression has made a significant impact on their daily lives.

MDD diagnosis to treatment journey

Hear firsthand what it was like for Jeffrey living with MDD and the impact it has made on his daily life.

Hear from clinical experts

Dr. Barrett, MD, discusses the prevalence of PPD as well as the various signs and symptoms

Review the various risk factors of PPD, impact on mother and baby, and the proposed pathophysiology.

Dr. Barrett, MD, discusses the underdiagnosis of PPD

Tune in to hear more about the challenges in managing PPD and the importance of screening and diagnosis. 

Dr. Jain, MD, MPH, discusses current treatment approaches to MDD

Hear more about the complex pathophysiology and why a one-size-fits-all treatment approach to MDD can be problematic.

Re-examine the science of depression

Looking beyond monoamines

Learn about the neurochemical systems, including excitatory and inhibitory signaling, that may play a role in depression.

Downloadable reference guides

MDD infographic

A quick reference guide to heterogeneity in depression and unmet needs that exist today.

Download MDD infographic

The cost of MDD may appear well managed, but the burden is greater than ever.
Discover why early improvement matters

PPD infographic

A quick reference guide that uncovers the reality for patients with PPD.

Download PPD infographic

Check on mom: a movement that helps moms proactively develop a maternal wellness plan and establish a network of support “mom team.”
Explore a unique support program for new moms

Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS)

Get a refresher on a screener tool used at the comprehensive postpartum visit to help identify women who may have PPD.

Download EPDS screener
Major depressive disorder facts

Check out important facts about MDD and the burden that exists for patients today.

See the data
How familiar are you with PPD?

Explore the impact of the disease and importance of getting mothers the help they need as early as possible.

Review PPD

Stay up to date with the latest insights in depression